GTA V Apk – Download Gta 5 Apk Android Game with Proper Guide

GTA V is one of the most anticipated open-world games available in 2019. The game can be downloaded for platforms like Xbox One, PS4, and for PC. However recently, the release of GTA V Apk has made it possible for users to run the game on smartphones software at the same time.

Therefore, the question arises here:

How to download GTA V apk on android smartphones?

I am here to answer this question in details. Furthermore, I will also be telling you the complete background of GTA V game, how it got so much popularity, procedures to download and run the game on a smartphone.

So, give this article a thorough read if you need to know more about running one of the best games on your smartphone easily.

Details About The Game:

Android OS Compatibility4.0+ Version
Number of Downloads7,000,000 and counting
Size of App17MB+2.66GB Additional Data
DeveloperRockstart Games

Download GTA V Apk Online

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You can download the GTA V Apk using the links I have provided you above. However, keep in mind that you are going to need more than just the apk file to run GTA V. Curious about knowing it? Don’t worry! I am going to explain each and everything as we proceed further.

But first, you should know more about how GTA got so famous. So, let’s have a look at it:

Background of GTA [Grand Theft Auto]

GTA is basically an open-world game in which you are allowed to do anything you want. That being said, you can complete missions, roam freely, use weapons to kill people or destroy vehicles and much more.

In addition to that, the best android game was developed by Rockstar developers. This developing company is known for releasing some of the biggest gaming names in the market including Red Dead Redemption 2, and Bully.

 Release of First GTA Game: 

Grand Theft Auto 1 was released back in 1998 with some mediocre graphics because at that time technology was a bit limited. However, even with low graphics, the first version of the game received a lot of positive reviews from the gamers at that time. In the first game, gamers were allowed to drive cars, destroy vehicles, kill people, complete missions and do a lot of other stuff too.

So, that is how the GTA saga started and up till now, Rockstar has released different versions of games. The top of all is GTA V apk which is now playable on different platforms and gamers enjoy playing it all the time as well.

 Release of GTA 2: 

Right after introducing the first ever GTA game back in 1998, Rockstar made some changes in the first version and released the new GTA 2 game in September 1999. This game was pretty better than the likes of many other games at that time. It also allowed an open world in which the gaming character was allowed to do different tasks without any worries.

The game, on the other hand, also received many positive reviews from the gamers and that’s how it started becoming famous n the gaming market.

 Release of GTA III: 

GTA III is a well-renowned game from Rockstar with some hardcore graphics. One of the best games were introduced by the developing company right after two years of GTA II.

This game started ruling the gaming world and different gamers were just amazed to see the graphics of the game. The gameplay was also very intriguing. That being said, the man character, i.e. Tommy Vercetti was given different missions and he was also involved in some gang activities.

So, start playing it on your android device if you haven’t played it yet and want to enjoy this vintage from the GTA developers. The graphics of this game looks badass on the smartphone. However, you will be required to have an updated smartphone with a good amount of random access memory and a lot of space available inside it. Only then, you will be allowed to play the game on android.

 Release of GTA Vice City: 

GTA Vice City was the next game released by Rockstar. Just like the previous version, this game has some hardcore graphics and it is pretty popular among the people who started using computers from the 90s.

Vice City was released precisely in 2002. It had the best graphics at the time of released and was liked by the gaming community at the same time. Just like the previous GTA game, the main character in this game was Tommy Vercetti and this time he was involved in different gang wars as well. The gameplay, on the other hand, was pretty intense. The main character was also allowed to acquire different properties in the city.

There were some powerful villains available in the game and the main character had to kill them or make friendships with them. That being said, many gamers still remember this game as one of the best open-world games available in the early 2000s.

One notable thing here is, that you can now play this exact game on your smartphone as well. Yeah, you heard it right, GTA vice city apk is there that can easily run on any android device without any issues.

 Release of GTA San Andreas: 

GTA San Andreas was released in 2004, just two years after GTA Vice City and just like Voce City it also flourished among the gaming communities. The popularity of this game is so much that different gamers still play it to enjoy the nostalgic vibes they got from this game back in the 2000s era.

The plot of this GTA game is a bit different from that of the previous game. However, it doesn’t involve gang wars where the main character of the game has to take the power of streets in San Andreas.

Just like the previous versions, Rockstar has tried its best to improve the graphics in San Andreas game. You will enjoy playing the game as it is widely available for platforms like Xbox, PS4, PC, and smartphones.

It also provides the best details on your smartphone and if you want to go back to enjoying the memories of playing GTA, I will recommend you to play this game.

 Release of GTA IV: 

GTA IV was released by the Rockstar developers back in 2008. It was the game with some of the finest graphics at that time. In addition, the game required a good PC at the same time.

However, the apk version of GTA IV is not available. You can play the game only on XBOX, Playstation, or a gaming PC. Apart from that, you cannot play it on your android smartphone.

The plot is yet changed again in GTA IV and is entirely different from GTA San Andreas. All little details have been added for the gamers to never get bored from this game. The main character has to defeat the most powerful Gang Lords in order to make his name in the streets of New York City.

Well, one thing that is quite appraisable in this game is that Rockstar has added a multiplayer mode along with single-player mode as well in this game. Thus, you will be able to enjoy playing against real gamers with an active internet connection.

  Release of GTA V: 

Finally, the most anticipated game from Rockstar, i.e. GTA V was released for Playstation and Xbox in 2013. However, it took a lot of time to get released for PC and was released finally for PC Master race in 2015. And, now the GTA V apk is finally released in 2019 so that the mobile gamers can get full advantage of it.

I will be explaining some details of GTA V Apk 2019 so that you might be able to understand its story without any issues.

So, let’s start:

GTA V Apk – Full Details:

 Release Date: 

GTA V was released in 2013, however, it took a lot of time for the game to be available for android smartphones. It was finally released in 2019 so that mobile gamers can also enjoy one of the most anticipated open-world games ever released.

 Publisher of the Game: 

Rockstar is the publisher of this gamer which is one of the well-renowned game developing company in the world with some of the greatest gaming names.

The series of GTA comprises of seven different games i.e. GTA 1, GTA 2, GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV, and GTA V. The last one is GTA V with some of the best graphics. This game was also awarded as one of the best selling games in the recent gaming community.

 What is GTA V All About? 

The best open-world game is located in the streets of Los Santos. That being said, it has a storyline continuing from the previous version of the game. However, the plot is pretty interesting.

That is, three different criminals i.e. Micheal Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider take part in different criminal activities. They are in need of power to overtake the streets of Los Santos and that’s why they perform different robberies and heists to gain the power lost from them.

The main character i.e. Trevor Philips has to kill many Gang Lords in order to regain the power in Los Santos. The gameplay also has missions other than that of the main story. The extra missions are available so that the gamers are able to end their boredom.

The apk available for this game is also interesting. You will enjoy doing interesting missions related to the main story as I have described above. Other than that, the graphics are pretty awesome. However, if you don’t have a powerful mobile, then there must be some glitches.

So that is all that you needed to know about GTA V game.

 Play GTA V Anywhere You Want: 

One of the best benefits of downloading the GTA V apk in 2019 is that it can be played anywhere and even without an active internet connection as well. Yeah, you heard it right. Right after you are done with the installation, you can play the game easily in offline mode.

This makes it easier for mobile gamers to get rid of boredom and actually enjoy playing the game on the go. You can enjoy playing different missions with some hardcore graphics as well. That being said, even if you don’t have enough mobile data, then you can easily switch to the offline mode exclusively available in the game.

In short, no matter wherever you are going, if GTA V app is already installed in your system, then you don’t need any other game. That is, this game is so addicting that you will want to play it again and again without feeling any boredom.

 Is the GTA V Apk Available for iOS Devices? 

Many mobile gamers ask a very important question regarding the availability of GTA V on iOS devices because they have iPhones to play games on.

Unfortunately, the game is not available on iOS devices. That being said, you can try other open-world games on AppStore such as GTA Vice City and San Andreas, but GTA V is not available to be downloaded for iOS devices.

Thus, if you want to play the game, it is necessary that you have an android device. Without the android operating system, the gaming app will simply not function on your device no matter how expensive it is.

Specifications Required to run GTA V Apk Without any Glitches:

We look at the details of the specifications that you will need to run the game without any resolution issues.

So, let’s start without any further ado:

 Minimum Requirements: 

The minimum requirements are for low budget mobile gamers. The specifications they will need to run the game with low graphics are as follows:

 Android OS: 

GTA V is able to run on 4.0 android OS. Smartphones with operating system lower than 4.0 won’t be able to run GTA V. So, you must have a smartphone running at 4.0 android system to make sure that the game can easily play on your mobile.


The minimum amount of RAM required to run GTA V on mobile is 2 GigaBytes. Therefore, it is necessary that you are having a ram of at least 2GB in your mobile before you start playing the game.

However, keep in mind that this is the lowest requirement and the game will not run smoothly on just 2 GB ram. Why? Because out of 2GB, some amount is required to run the operating system of the smartphone. So, you are literally left with 1GB ram which is not sufficient to run the game on ultra graphics.


ROM is the actual storage your phone has got. The download file that I have mentioned above regarding installing the GTA V apk covers a space of almost 2.26GB after the installation of the application completely.

So, to make sure that it can easily acquire that much space, you should at least have a 5GB free space. That being said a 16GB smartphone is the least requirement you must have if you want to run the game easily.

 Screen Size: 

Screen size doesn’t matter as much as far as your phone has a good PPI density. So, a 5″ mobile phone with a PPI density of at least 350 pixels is necessary to run the game without any issues.

Keep in mind that the more there are PPI pixels, you’ll be able to enjoy better graphics. However, these are the minimum requirements so 350 PPI pixels are more than enough to run the game smoothly.

 Bottom Line: 

The 4.0 Android OS, at least 2GB Ram, 16GB ROM and a screen size of 5″ is required to play GTA V apk on minimum settings. That being said, a smartphone with such specifications will cost you not more than 100 bucks.

Medium Requirements to Run GTA V:

If you want to play GTA V on medium graphics, then scroll down to see what requirements are you going to need in order to play it peacefully.

 Android OS: 

Android Nougat 7.0 OS is the recommended operating system for GTA V game app. That being said, you must have a smartphone running on this operating system so that the game can run without any glitches and better than lower graphics.


The recommended RAM for playing GTA V without any glitches is 4GB. That is, it requires at least 2GB of ram to be freed up so that the game can face no glitches. Now many smartphones with 4GB ram have a dedicated memory to run the operating system and firmware. Therefore, it is necessary to have a 4GB ram smartphone if you want to run GTA V with medium graphics settings.


32GB ROM is recommended to play GTA V. That is, if the game has any new updated, then it can get installed without any worries. So, in this way, 32 GB ROM is more than enough to accommodate games like GTA V and GTA Vice City mobile.

 Screen Size: 

A 5.5″ screen size with a PPI density of 400 pixels is better for running GTA mobile on medium graphics settings. You will be able to enjoy better graphics by playing Grand Theft Auto mobile with a large screen and better PPI density.

 Bottom Line: 

In short, a 4GB RAM, Android Nougat operating system, 32GB ROM, and a screen size of 5.5″ with a pixel density of at least 400 pixels is more than enough to play GTA V mobile Apk on medium graphics settings. The minimum requirements are not enough, because I think that you won’t be able to enjoy the game.

You can easily find smartphones with these specifications in a range of $200 to $300 in 2019. Some prime examples are LG and Huawei mid-budget phones.

 Maximum Requirements: 

Do you want to play GTA mobile with hardcore graphics? If the answer is YES,  then you need to invest in a flagship mobile phone with the following requirements:

 Android OS: 

You will need Android 8.0 operating system to run GAT 5 smoothly on your mobile. That being said, the new android pie 9.0 is still the most recommended operating system for running GTA 5 apk perfectly on mobile.


For running the game without any glitches and on extreme graphics, you will need a mobile phone with 6GB or 8GB ram variant. That is, the game will take the amount of memory freed and with 8GB mobile, there is a lot of random access memory already available. So, what is the end result? The end result is that you will be able to enjoy GTA V on extreme graphics and ultra HD frame rate as well.


You will be required to have a smartphone with a 64GB ROM if you want to play GTA V like it’s an ordinary game. With that much space, one thing is pretty much assured that you will never have to delete any type of data while installing the game or its updates.

 Screen Size: 

I will recommend you to go for a 6″ mobile screen size with a PPI density of 450 pixels. That being said, you will be able to enjoy playing the game at ultra HD graphics on your phone without any worries.

 Bottom Line: 

GTA 5 mobile apk is an open-world game with some beast graphics. However, if you really want to enjoy playing this game on the highest possible settings, I will recommend you to invest in a smartphone ranging from $500 to $1000.

 Some HD Screen Shots of the Game: 

GTA 5 Apk

Complete Installation Guide on Installing GTA 5 Apk on Mobile:

Now that we are done with minimum, medium, and maximum specifications required for running the GTA game on android, it is time that you know about the complete installation guide.

Therefore, read this topic carefully if you want to install the game in your first try easily.

1. Letting the Mobile Allow to Install App from Unknown Sources:

This is the first and the most important step you are going to follow if you want to install  GTA 5 on your mobile.

Sometimes, the mobile phones running on the Android operating system aren’t allowed to give permission for the apps to be installed from unknown sources. So, what are you going to do in this scenario?

The solution is pretty simple. Go to the settings of your mobile phone and find an option named “App Permissions“. Tap on this option and you will see a new tab. Go a bit down and you will see an option named as “Allow the system install apps from Unknown Sources”

Simply mark this option and BINGO. You are good to go. That is, your mobile phone is now allowed to let different apps installed from unknown sources.

In short, without marking this option, you won’t be able to install GTA 5 apk on your mobile so your cell phone will never allow the unknown source to work properly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow this step which is applicable to almost all android smartphones.

2. Download the Files I Have Mentioned Above:

The very first step you are going to follow is to download the files I have mentioned above. The file size is only 17mbs. However, when you will unzip this file, then the game will acquire a space of almost 2.66 GBs. So, make sure that you have enough space left to download and then install the complete game. I will recommend you to check the remaining storage of your mobile before you start unzipping the file.

So, simply download the file I have mentioned above and you are good to go.

3. Installing Unzipping App On Android:

Right after when the downloading of the file gets completed, you should follow the second step which is installing an unzipping application on your android phone.

There are many applications available for this purpose, but I will recommend you to go for EX File Explorer. The app is completely free on Playstore and you can download it on your android device easily. Make sure that you follow this link to download the app directly from Playstore because there are some unauthenticated apps available too.

The link is as follows:

EX file explorer is the best option to extract the zip file. Not only that, but it also keeps all your internal storage apps, videos and images organized so that you might be able to surf all your files without any worries.

So, the bottom line is that you download and install this amazing software so that you might get ready for the next step which is the most important step in installing the game.

4. Unzipping the Apk File:

This is yet another important step that you are going to follow in order to install the best open-world game i.e. GTA 5 on your device.

So, what should you do next? The answer is pretty simple. Open the EX File Explorer that you have downloaded and installed from the Playstore. Right after you have opened that app, go to the “Downloads” folder and you will see a zipped file here named as, com.rockstargames.gtasa.

Click on this folder and unzip it. The unzipping process will take time because there is a data of 2.66 GB to be extracted in your mobile. If you have got a fast smartphone, then it won’t take much time. However, on a slow mobile phone, the extracting time can be as large as 1 hour.

Therefore, make sure that you end all other processes on your mobile phone before extracting the file because it is already pretty large. This is the second last step you are going to follow. The last step is also an important one which is as follows:

5. Making OBB Folder and Unzipping Files in It:

You must unzip the GTA 5 apk file in a folder named OBB. The folder will already be available on your android device and you can find it using the EX File Explorer app.

However, if there isn’t any folder named OBB available, then you must create a New Folder manually and name it as OBB. Keep in mind that this step is extremely necessary and you must never skip it.


So, in short, the installation guide is as follows:

  • Allow the system to install apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Installing the EX File Explorer app.
  • Making a new folder named OBB.
  • Unzipping the file named rockstargames.gtasa

And you are done. Congratulations, You have now successfully installed GTA V on your mobile and are now ready to play the game peacefully on your android smartphone.

One other thing you should keep in mind before the installation process is that never ever download the zip file from websites that are not authentic.

There is a good chance that the file you download from unauthentic sites is filled with Trojan virus or nowadays the most popular virus i.e. Ransomware.

Therefore it is always recommended to avoid downloading the file from insecure websites in order to keep your mobile and all the data in it as protected as possible.

Different Features of GTA V Android Game:

I’m pretty sure that you possess a pretty good knowledge about how awesome all GTA games are. Of course, it’s obvious because the GTA series is still the most popular gaming series with nostalgic memories.

However, the android version is a bit different from the PC. That is, there is a change in the graphics of the game. That’s because no matter how powerful smartphone you have, you simply can’t run the exact PC version of GTA 5 on it.

So, some of the notable features of GTA 5 android game are as follows:

1. 3D Ultra HD Graphics:

The reason why GTA is so popular on android smartphones right now is that it comes with ultra HD graphics. That being said, the 3-dimensional game is perfect for a mobile gamer who wants to enjoy something closer to the real GTA 5 PC version.

So, that being said, this is one of the best features I have witnessed in GTA that it comes with Ultra HD graphics. However, one thing that you must keep in mind before dreaming of playing this game on Ultra HD settings is that you must have a powerful smartphone with a powerful processor, a large RAM with large space and a large screen with high PPI density at the same time.

Only then, you will be able to play the game with full high-resolution graphics and without any glitches.

2. Control Options are Optimized:

There is a reason for this game being so much better than other open-world android games. And the reason is better to control options with perfect synchronization and optimization. That being said, there are different controls designed for different purposes. You will be able to perform every action on the player without any issues at all.

In addition to that, you can also adjust the controls according to your own preferences. That being said, you can go to the settings menu and then click on controls and then customize. Right after clicking that option, you will be able to move controls from one place to another on the screen.

So, you can change all the settings in order to keep the controls as easy to use as possible. Now, it entirely depends upon you that how are you going t take benefit from it. Well, it’s still an amazing option that Rockstar is allowing you to change the customization of controls easily.

One last thing that you should know about controls optimization is that you can always reset them to default. That is, if you are not liking the way you have set all the controls, then you can simply tap on reset to default settings and all the controls will move to their default positions in GTA 5 apk.

3. The gameplay is Realistic:

The gameplay of GTA 5 is without any doubt one of the best in the category of best open-world games. That being said, GTA is everything you need to kill your boredom and you will spend a lot of time without even noticing it.

First of all, open-world gaming allows you to do whatever you want. Same is the case with this game. That is, you can drive vehicles, kill people, order food, do a haircut, get involved in Gang Wars and anything else. This is just speculation made by me. In fact, you can do whatever you want in GTA without any issues.

Secondly, there is a complete storyline. Yeah, you heard it right. The main character in the game is just a broke person who wants to make the Los Santos city bow down before him. So, he will be given different missions where he has to either kill people, do robberies or plot different money heists with his friends.

Next, there are cars available in the game that looks as realistic as possible. You can roam the whole city in any car you want The control optimization for driving cars are just awesome and you will love the way they are able to move.

In short, installing GTA 5 apk will mean that you can now easily remove your boredom with one of the best open-world games in the world. However, keep it in mind that having a good smartphone is still a necessary step for enjoying the game in an ideal manner.

Things to Consider Before Playing GTA V:

Some important things that you must consider before playing the game are as follows:

1. Don’t Download the Game File from Unauthenticated Websites:

This is very important. You should never ever risk downloading the game file from an insecure website. There is a huge risk that such websites can spread the virus on your device and all of your personal data could be breached and can be used for the wrong reasons.

Therefore, it is always better that you take a look at the URL of the website you visit. You should never visit a website which starts with http, rather you should always go for a website staring with https URL as it is already secured.

2. Own a Mobile Phone with Good Specs:

To be really honest, the game is not going to give you any pleasure if you don’t have a good smartphone. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a good mobile phone before you start dreaming of playing this game on ultra graphics and with better optimization.

3. GTA V is Addictive:

I am warning you that once you start playing the game, it will be very difficult for you to leave playing it. The storyline is so attractive that you would want to complete another mission after accomplishing the first one.

So, I will recommend you to keep a track of time before you start playing this game.

Some Last Words:

Guys! This is it. I am done with giving you details regarding installing the GTA V apk on your device. The installation guide, downloading the file, and other information will help you a lot to understand and play the game with a better focus.

I hope you can install the game easily. If you have got any query, regarding the installation process, leave it down in the comments box and I will get back to it ASAP.